Principles of Geographic Information Science (MES565)

Basic course information

  • Course Title: Principles of Geographic Information Science (GISci)
  • Instructor: Kostas Alexandridis, Ph.D. and Avram Primack, PhD
  • Frequency: every Fall academic semester
  • Credits: 5 (2.5 credits lecture + 2.5 credits lab)
  • Max Students: 14 (UVI MMES graduate students in St. Thomas Campus).
  • Prerequisites: Basic introduction to GIS and completion of all fist-year MMES core courses.
  • Course Description: the course is open to second-year MMES graduate students at UVI. It provides a comprehensive review of geographic information science and related topics, from understanding spatial relationships and data, attributes and geographic associations, land use/change, landscape and seascape geography, geospatial and geostatistical analyses, spatial modeling and simulation, and image classification and remote sensing. The students obtain skills in geographic analysis/modeling software and tools.