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🎬 Podcast Interview with Scott MacKenzie, on Industrial Talk

Published: February 22, 2023

During our Keynote Talk at the joint Digital Twin Consortium and OMG meeting in December 2022, I had the opportunity to participate in a podcast interview hosted by Scott McKenzie on the Industrial Talk series. Michael LaFontaine and I had the opportunity to talk about our journey in developing OCDT, our Orange County Digital Twin Framework, and the role of public government institutions in the process of digital transformation and innovation for our contemporary communities. We emphasized the new approach to 3C collaborations between Government, Academia and Industry, and provided our views on investing on digital innovation for capital infrastructure for our smart cities.

Here's the video of our podcast (duration 24:29):

🗣️  Talk and Panel Discussion at the Colloquium by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine: "The Future of Digital Twinning: Technological Challenges and Implications for National Security"

Published: February 15, 2023

On February 15, we gave an invited talk to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine for the Colloquium "The Future of Digital Twinning: Technological Challenges and Implications for National Security", organized by the NAS Intelligence Community Studies Board. Innovative digital technologies can play a catalytic role in aiding our efforts to manage and improve our nation's critical infrastructure, empower visual intelligence (VQ) of decision-makers for critical management and emergency decisions, promote operational awareness, and provide advanced tools and resources that can assist our collective efforts towards national security. We presented our efforts and work in Orange County as part of OC Public Works and OC Survey agencies, along with our design, development and deployment of our OCDT (OC Digital Twin) framework. In the panel discussion following our and our distinguished colleague's presentations focused on answering important questions from the intelligence and national security community, along with providing a collective consensus on the roadmap and critical steps ahead.

Our presentation was entitled: "Digital Twin Critical Infrastructure Management and Operations in Orange County, California"

Abstract: Orange County Public Works (OCPW) has embarked on a journey to develop a sustainable Digital Twin to better serve the community and manage its critical infrastructure. It’s diverse portfolio, densely populated area, and 950 square mile geography has presented a complex problem. OCPW along with key partners is utilizing a unique big data architecture, machine learning/GeoAI approaches, modeling and simulation, along with new interoperability applications to address and solve key challenges and opportunities that relate to our needs for providing near real-time, efficient, secure and data-driven solutions. This presentation will highlight key areas of digital twin development that interfaces and addresses the complexity of critical infrastructure management with respect to modern national security and cybersecurity challenges. We focus on principles primarily promoting self-organization and visual intelligence seeking robustness and resilience in design, operation and management of our critical infrastructure networks of assets. Join OCPW to discuss how we are navigating our complex journey and how the Digital Twin can serve not only the AECO community, but also emergency services, security operations, key services, healthcare, education among others.

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Below is the entire video of the colloquium (duration: 5:01:34). Our talk is feature at 1:15:55 to 2:00:40 timestamp. The panel discussion is covering the last part of the recording, from 4:30:30 until the end (5:01:33).

🎞️ Orange County Public Works: An Overview of our Diverse Managed Infrastructure Portfolio

Video Produced and Published, December 12, 2022

Our own media team at Orange County Public Works has produced this excellent video that provides and overview of the county's infrastructure managed and maintained by our agency. The video showcases how diverse our portfolio is, and the operational scale and complexity at play in meeting our needs to provide quality of public services for our communities, cities and citizens. 

Video Production Credits: Jennifer Ayari and Shannon Widor, Strategic Communications, OC Public Works