Music Production

As an artist I take full enjoyment and pride from performing and producing my own music.

Improvising, 2007

This is my first track collection album I produced in 2007. It contains a total of 10 alternative rock song tracks, both instrumental and with lyrics. I wrote and recorded these songs over a period of 5-6 years. The songs were recorded in the US (Michigan and Indiana), and the final mix produced in Australia in 2007.

Improvising II, 2017

This is a track collection album I produced in 2017. It contains a total of 15 alternative rock song tracks, most of them instrumental. I have recorded and mixed these songs over a long period of 7-8 years. Some of the songs were written and performed in the US, other in Australia, and the latest ones in the US Virgin Islands.

Additional Songs

Additional (somewhat derelict) songs are listed below.