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History and Philosophy

I have a particular interest in history and philosophy. Part of the reasons for this is my Greek background and my inquisite nature for learning.
My historical interests include the study of the history and evolution of civilizations. I find that looking at the historical aspects of our civilization's evoluation allows me to better understand human and social behavior and actions. Our contemporary social behavior and our modes of action are not created in a vaccuum. They are complex constructs of our sociocultural and historical-political background. Some of our social dispositions, attitudes and beliefs are influenced by our understanding of our historical evolution, and the roles and positions of our civilizations and societies in this planet. I make a point and a task to study the history of every place I live and visit in anyway I can.
Similarly, my philosophical interests include the study of philosophy of science (more in this topic can be found on my science subpage), and the philosophy of the mind. Many of our philosophical quests emenate from our needs to understand the world around us beyond the simplicity of our sensory experiences and stimuli. We strive to find patterns and reasons deeply rooted in our minds and thoughts. Although philosophy does not confine itself to the study of mind, the whole mind-body problem and the interaction between our cognitive and sensory processes is a subject of an ongoing philosophical dialogue and debate.